February 1, 2016

What’s happening? I’ll tell you what’s happening…..Westwind Gardens is what’s happening!

February brings weather that reminds us of spring and this February is no exception with sun breaks, showers and awesome rainbows!

February Rainbow

February is a great time to start gardening in the Northwest and we are ready for an awesome start. The cool weather veggies and herbs are coming. If you’re not quite ready to get out in the garden, you can keep your herbs in a bright window to give them a bit of a head start and cool weather veggies do well in containers on your porch or patio.

planting thyme

We’re also going to have that all wonderful first pop of bright, beautiful spring color in the next few weeks with our gorgeous Anemones and Ranunculus!

IMG_3561Here’s wishing you all the best and the brightest early spring gardening experience ever!

-Tracy @ Westwind Gardens over and out.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the great gardening classes at your local garden centers. There are some really awesome offerings this month to help you learn and get you motivated!





January 2016

Just a brief note to our fellow gardeners…..westwind-lake

Are the doldrums of winter getting you down? Are you hungry to be out and about in your garden? I personally can’t wait until spring has sprung! This time of year our gardening pleasures come in the form of catalogs and websites and anticipation (ugh…the waiting is killing me!). The Crew members here are the busy bees of winter! Working around some challenging winter weather like flooding, snow and ice and the new property that turned out to be lake front (gorgeous) We have all been making plans, implementing new ideas, poring over catalogs to choose new great things for you all to plant in your gardens when the weather decides to favor us all with a little warmth. We’re building new greenhouses and improving old ones. We’ve planted for spring sales, and we are really excited about all the possibilities for the 2016 gardening season. In the meantime, there are things you can do to entertain yourself and prepare for the coming gardening season. Many local garden centers host free gardening classes for kids and adults through the winter.

In the Portland, Oregon area:
Some of the classes that I’m considering are:
Indoor Herb Gardening
Fairy Gardens for Children and Adults
Plan Now; Plant Later
Check out Portland Nursery’s (both locations) event schedule here: http://portlandnursery.com/events/january_events.shtml

In the Seattle, Washington area:
If I were going to be in the area, I wouldn’t miss:
Fruit Tree Health Care
Plan and Prep Your Edible Garden
Check out Swanson’s Nursery’s event schedule here:

Wouldn’t miss this one either!:
Pruning Trees Shrubs & Vines
Check out Sky Nursery’s event schedule here:

In the Woodinville, Washington area:
Really wish I could be there for these:
Nuts About Greens
Sprouts Session: Powerful Pollinators  (a class for kids)
Check out Molbak’s Nursery’s event schedule here: